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On demand label printing – in colour, on time and in quantity you need

2 Jul 2021

Increased efficiency, lower cost and significantly better management of resources are a dream of every entrepreneur.  The solution which enables you to print labels in a precisely planned quantities, adjusted to the quantity of products, is a response to these expectations.  Colour label printer and on demand label printing are the options which can be used for an ever increasing range of products. They prove useful in many industries which base their business on offering unique products and products in limited editions.

Find out more about how Etisoft, via Etisoft Nordic branch, solved the issue that a client who manufactures natural cosmetics had to face. Etisoft Nordic solved the task for DM Skincare with Epson C7500 Colorworks Printer as well as PK 52 semi-automatic dispenser for labelling with our label range.

print on demand, selfadhesive labels

Colour label printer – client’s expectations

  • need for flexible label printing
  • need for frequent change of label designs
  •  need for a smaller quantity per print / design
  •  quick setup of label layout
  •  high print quality
  •  good print economy
  •  solution for “Private labels”
print on demand, selfadhesive labels,

On demand printing of labels when you need them

DM Skincare can now quickly and easily create their own print layouts and print them instantly in any quantity they need.

Previously, DM Skincare had to buy digital printed labels for their own stock in larger quantities.

Using a selection of label sizes in water repellent Mat white PP, DM Skincare can now print all their product variants.

With Epson’s optimum print technology, costs of printing labels are reduced to a highly competitive level.

DM Skincare uses the BarTender layout program to design and print their labels. Bartender provides the complete overview and great flexibility when designing their labels.

Epson C7500 Colorworks printer provides DM Skincare with great flexibility at competitive prices, and now there are no longer obsolete labels in the store.

With the flexible PK 52 semi-automatic label dispenser the task of affixing product labels to tubs & glass is solved.

KARINA HJORTH, the founder of DM Skincare

We manufacture locally on the west coast of Jutland. We have invested in Epson 7500 label printer offered by Etisoft to achieve greater flexibility in a day-to-day life of our big and small clients that offer private brands.

Thanks to that, both our clients and us no longer have labels in stock that will never be used. Thereby we don’t waste money. Now we are also able to quickly present projects created by graphic designers to our clients.

Contact us to find out how a colour label printer will help you print labels on your own.


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