Verification of the correctness of packing and picking unit packagings in collective packaging

16 Apr 2021

The vision system designed by Etisoft Smart Solutions has been deployed at one of our customers to verify correctness of packing and picking unit packagings in packages. How does this solution work and which users is it aimed at?

The visual inspection system was designed for customers who want to be certain that the pre-packed goods reach the collective packaging:

  • In the required number
  • In the required position
  • safely and in the required packaging quality – with no visible deformations, folds, dents, or other defects
  • in compliance with the requirements of their recipients.

Application of the vision system

The vision system designed by Etisoft Smart Solutions is flexible and can be adapted for inspection of various unit packagings the product is placed in, e.g., boxes or containers. These then are placed, in various configurations, in the collective packaging, from individually packaged to complete packages made, for example, during the automatic foil wrapping process.

system wizyjny, systemy wizyjne, Przemysł 4.0
system wizyjny

Deployment of the vision system

An example of application of such a solution is the system deployed at one of our customers that verifies the correctness of packing and picking unit packagings into packages, and at a later stage packing the packages into the collective packaging. The packages must be placed in boxes in a specified position so that they do not get damaged. The way the packages are packed must be compliant with the customer guidelines and the manufacturer’s quality requirements.

The designed system can be used for many types of unit packagings, both in terms of size, colour version as well as rotating graphic versions.

What can our system do?

  • Check the completeness of the unit packagings for a particular packing configuration
  • Determine whether the position of all unit packagings in the package or collective packaging is consistent so that no item is rotated on any axis and does not deviate from the rest
  • Verify whether uniform (identical) unit packagings are packed
  • Define whether the packaging of the products is creased, distorted, or unsealed
  • Check whether the packages of components are in the right position in relation to other packagings and packages
  • Handle foil wrapped packages that consist of many unit packagings.
system wizyjny, systemy wizyjne, Przemysł 4.0

What makes our system special?

  • Inspection of a wide range of references and handling of processes where components are alternately manufactured/packed in many variants
  • It is maintenance-free; there is no need for introducing references to and deleting them from the system. The system has been designed to be able to automatically construct a reference model based on a real-time image and to determine whether all the elements in a particular set match it
  • It is fully automated – integration with the production/packaging line.

Benefits of the vision system:

  • Reduced number of complaints
  • Control over the number of packaged items
  • Guarantee of correct packaging
  • Protection against machine downtime
  • No need for supervision.

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