Information labels

Information labels for washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers are particularly important from the user’s point of view. Such label or tag contains printed information such as connection instruction, instruction for use, description of washing / drying pictograms, method of cleaning filters written in the descriptive form or in the form of pictograms. Information labels can be printed in various forms – as easily removable labels that do not leave adhesive residue, water-soluble labels, magnetic labels, or tags. The descriptions are printed in different languages, depending on which market the equipment is supplied to

  • description of the control panel and additional buttons
  • magnetic label with the description of programmes in various languages
  • label warning about small elements inside the drum
  • label with the information about maximum load
  • schematic diagram of connections between installation elements of the washing machine
  • label with the Woolmark certificate
  • label with recommended detergents
  • label/tag with the figure how to connect the hose
  • information about the drum lock



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