Rating plates

Rating plates for washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers contain basic information such as name of the device, logo, manufacturer, series number, year of manufacture and rated parameters:  rated powersupply voltage, coil heater power, dimensions, capacity, certificate of safety. Durability and resistance to water and detergents throughout the whole life cycle of the washing machine, washer dryer or tumble dryer are particularly important features of such plate.

  • labels with a strong adhesive ensure exceptionally good adhesion to the metal surface of the device
  • resistance of labels to water, detergents, dust, dirt, and scratches for many years.
  • the colour of the plate matches the device housing.
  • compliance with the market requirements regarding the markings of household appliances.
  • the descriptions are printed in different languages, depending on which market the equipment is supplied to



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