Rating plates

Rating plate of the hitch is most often located next to the cable bundle socket. It contains all the necessary information needed for hitch registration, among other things, homologation number, acceptable trailer weight, maximum towing capacity of the hitch, maximum static vertical load, and manufacturer’s details.  Such plate must be resistant to exceptionally difficult road conditions such as precipitation, slush, road salt, temperature changes, UV light as well as pressure washer detergents. Specialist self-adhesive labels that meet the above-mentioned conditions have been selected for this type of application. The applied, exceptionally strong adhesive provides exceptional adhesion to metal elements while ensuring that a rating plate will not fall off. Durable, abrasion-resistant imprint guarantees readability of data on the rating plate even after many years.

  • durable labels, resistant to extreme conditions
  • exceptionally strong adhesive guarantees plate adhesion for many years
  • imprint resistant to abrasion, water, dust, dirt, and scratches
  • the labels are compliant with all the requirements and standards of the automotive industry



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